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What Client’s Say About Nastassja Skin

Age 49! Nastassja Skin Care has revealed my youthful glow!  Like many others, I am always looking for “the next best thing”. After running out of my Nastassja Skin Care products, I tried other products such as Suki and Obagi only to go back to Nastassja Skin Care products. Nastassja Skin Care really IS the best!
Valerie Smith
As so many women do, I have tried numerous skin care regimens. I have never truly found one that suits my needs until now! Nastassja Skin has changed my perception regarding skin care. After the first application, I noticed an incredible difference. I was left with smooth, soft skin feeling completely refreshed and hydrated. Absolutely Fabulous!
Trisha Rodriguez
Striving for my passion of helping others as a licensed Esthetician and Salon Owner of Holleigh’s Esthetics, I have chosen Nastassja Skin to bring that passion to life for my clients. As a Professional in the industry, there is a vast array of product lines to choose from. This can be quite overwhelming for professionals, as well as clients. After careful research, education and thought, I was certain I wanted to provide Nastassja Skin straight to them. Nastassja Skin is the skin care line I chose to offer my clients and in my home! Thank you Nastassja Skin!
Holly Gray
I have tried just about every major department store skin regiment out there.  From soaps, foams, moisturizers and now in my 30’s, age and wrinkle redefine. My years in the sun and pregnancies left me with sun spots and hyperpigmentation. In addition, my sensitive skin limited alternatives.  I was encourage to try Nastassja products because they are all natural and derived from actual plants, not chemicals.  I have to admit, I was skeptical in the beginning. Then after two weeks, the results showed up. Softer skin, fading spots, no breakouts! Even my facialist of 15 years said, I don’t know what you are doing to your skin, but keep it up.  It’s never looked better. Thank you Nastassja for beauty from the inside out.
Monique Rogers
I am just like most women and have tried numerous products on my skin.  It wasn’t until I tried a few products from the Nastassja Skin line that I noticed a difference.  I have a normal yet fair skin complexion and have had problems with minor brown spots in the past.  Within weeks of using the Nastassja Skin Blooming Facial Cleansing Oil and the Enzyme Facial Peel I noticed dramatic results.  My brown spots on my skin have nearly diminished from continuous use of the peel, and the oil leaves my face feeling clean, radiant and youthful.  Thank you Nastassja Skin for making me feel beautiful!
Heidi Crabtree
Being a licensed esthetician and business owner at Touch of Class, I am passionate about what I do and give daily advice on skin care. My clients are pleased with the amazing results they’re seeing with Nastassja Skin, saying how much they love the smell and how their face is glowing. I have been using the Nastassja Skin Care product line as well and my face looks a lot brighter with even skin tone, leaving my face feeling very supple. It works so well, I highly recommend it!
Nora Bubp